Refund Policy

1. Eligibility for Returns and Refunds

1.1. Returns or refunds must be initiated within 7 days of purchase.
1.2. Eligible items for return or refund include tickets purchased on our website, tickets purchased on the premises, and other club-related purchases.

2. Ticketed Events

2.1. For club-organised ticketed events:

2.1.1. Refunds are accepted up until seven days before the event.
2.1.2. Refunds received after this date will be considered but not guaranteed.
2.1.3. Any approved refunds will be issued in the form of membership points, or tickets to a future event (subject to availability).
2.1.4. For ticketed events with allocated table seating, a table preference will be taken, however, will not be guaranteed and is subject to availability.
2.1.5. In the event of a cancellation or significant postponement of a club-organised ticketed event, refunds may be available. St. George Leagues Club will communicate any refund options and instructions directly to ticket holders.
2.1.6. Refunds will not be available for acts of God, or factors outside of our control that hinder a customer’s experience.

2.2. For external events organised by promoters:

2.2.1. An external event is any event held on the St. George Leagues Club premises that involves the sale of tickets through another business, commercial entity, or ticketing company, such as Oztix.
2.2.2. St. George Leagues Club is not authorised to provide refunds in these circumstances.
2.2.3. We will assist you in contacting the respective promoter for all inquiries, including refunds, if required.
2.2.4. Please review the terms and conditions provided by the external event promoter for their refund policies.

3. Membership

3.1. All membership fees paid either by way of renewal or initial sign up are non refundable.
3.2. In the event that a member would like to change between an Associate and Full Membership, the initial payment may be refunded in the form of membership points, or payment towards the renewal made to update the members status.

4. Gaming

4.1. All gaming and electronic gaming transactions within the club are non-refundable, unless otherwise imposed by law.

5. Process

5.1. To request a return or refund, please contact St. George Leagues Club’s customer service team via:
Phone: (02) 9587 1022
Visit our customer service team on the club’s premises.
5.2. Please provide all relevant details, including the purchase information, reason for the return, and any supporting documentation.

6. Final Decision

6.1. St. George Leagues Club reserves the right to make the final decision on all returns and refunds, considering the circumstances and adherence to this policy. We aim to process refunds within a reasonable timeframe.
6.2. St. George Leagues Club complies with Australian Consumer Law.
6.3. We prioritise customer satisfaction and provide a return or refund when it is possible and reasonable under the given circumstances, in accordance with this policy.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us using the following information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (02) 9587 1022
  • Website:

Effective Date: 10/7/2024

Please note that this Returns and Refunds Policy may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to review the policy periodically to stay informed about any updates.